What is Never Shy, Never Sorry?

  • It’s a noise canceller of doubts and self doubts
  • It’s an antidote to conformism and comfort
  • It’s about trying new things, failing at them and trying more
  • It’s a license to follow your heart, your passions.

Never Shy, Never Sorry is about always wearing your heart on your sleeve. Or on your feet.

About the Founders

We have done the rounds in the corporate world. Years of hustling, meeting deadlines, and achieving corporate milestones. Valuable experiences indeed, but they never really got us going. Both of us got sucked in by the excitement of returning to India from Chicago and Boston to start something new. After taking the conventional path for years, we decided to subvert expectations and place our bets on our passion: sneakers.

Many told us not to. Many still do. And many will continue to. But we both know this space brings a different energy out of us - a fire that we only dreamed of during our early days. Our passion now makes us obsess over the tiniest details. Always pushes us to go the extra mile. Allows us to take on challenges head-on with a lot of excitement to discover what lies on the other side.

For us, Comet is a brand born straight out of infinite dreams and boundless ideas. It’s an idea born solely out of our passion. And we’re certain that this zeal is what will help us create the sneaker brand that India has long waited for.

Join us and become part of this journey. Become Never Shy, Never Sorry. We cannot be more excited.

- Utkarsh & Dishant